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Tax audits can turn complex and challenging, often depending on the temperament and knowledge of the auditor.  Oftentimes successful resolution can only be achieve through litigation.  I have 25 years of experience litigating tax cases in the Tax Court, Federal District Court, Court of Claims, State Superior Court and Appeals to Ninth Circuit and the Court of Appeals in the Fourth District.

If you find yourself with an audit result less than favorable, contact me immediately for an evaluation of your litigation alternatives.  Oftentimes the choice of Court is critical to achieving success.  Each Court has its own set of precedents that it must follow, which may or may not, support your position.

There also important procedural differences that can be critical in achieving success.  Tax Court allow one to litigate his case without having to pay the tax until all issues are finally decided.  A potential downside is that in Tax Court is restricted to a trial before a Judge and there is some argument as to the degree of fairness these Judges exhibit.  On the other hand, if one elects to have their case decided in Federal district Court, all or a portion of the tax must be paid, but the taxpayer can request a jury trial.  My experience shows that Jurors can be much more sympathic to the unfair complexities of the Tax Code and oftentimes can relate better to the issues facing a taxpayer.

In addition, knowledge of the individual representing the IRS is oftentimes a necessary ingredient to successfully negotiating a favorable outcome.  I have extensive experience working with IRS tax professionals in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Bottom-line – If you have significant tax issues with the IRS, you need an experienced tax attorney to analyze your alternatives, choose the correct Court forum and aggressively pursue your case until successful conclusion.  I'm that Attorney.  Contact me at (949) 499-1975. We are committed to providing the LA, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego county areas with legal solutions at reasonable cost.  No fee initial consultation.

Alternatively, you can email us.  We have found that oftentimes solutions to what is perceived are a major problem can be resolved relatively quickly with the right expertise.  Simply double click the button below, provide a brief description of your issues and we will provide you within 24 hours.  Our 27 years of legal experience will assure you an accurate evaluation of your situation.  Once again, there is no fee for this service.
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