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Oftentimes the IRS will target business owners and professional with criminal and civil fraud penalties as a way to make an example to other in a given community.  Being accused of Tax Evasion and/or Civil Fraud can be a disaster in terms of personal reputation as well as result in Jail and costly penalties.

If you find yourself in this position or suspect that this is were an ongoing audit is headed, you have a lot at stake.  You need an experienced veteran attorney to help walk you through these mined fields.

First rule – STOP ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH IRS PERSONNEL.  If criminal prosecution is a possibility, you would have received the warning that “You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can be held against you”.  I’m here to tell you that in fact, everything you do say will be held against you ! What does this mean.  It means that to the extent you talk with IRS personnel, they can take the witness stand at your trial and testify as to what you said and it comes into evidence as to the facts of the case.  Hearsay is not an objection since it’s a party admission.  In rare occasions, sometimes things you never said can be held against you...this can happen when the governments case shows weakness and the IRS personnel are under pressure to win.  Don’t put yourself in this position– STOP ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH ALL IRS PERSONNEL.

Second rule – CALL AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY.  The only way to protect yourself is to communicate with the IRS through a veteran Attorney who knows the intracacies of Tax Fraud litigation. I AM THAT Attorney.  Call me at (949) 499-1975.  Your conversations with the Attorney are protected by the “Attorney Client Privilege”.  This means all conversations with the Attorney are confidential.  This also means, STOP SPEAKING TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT. These conversations are not privileged.  To the extent that accounting services are required, the Attorney hires the Accountant, making the conversations with the accountant confidential and subject to the Attorney Work Product Privilege.  Ignore these caveats and the chances for a successful resolution of a fraud investigation is jeopardized.

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